Right now I have two options , you can commission a custom painting or you can order a pet portrait.

Here's what you can expect when you order a pet portrait:

You will receive a custom hand painted portrait of a pet or animal of your choice!!

These don’t have to be limited to pets! You can request a purple bear for example. And if you have purple bear as a pet um...well we should be friends! 😋

Right now Pet portraits come in two sizes

-3x3 inch flat wood panel for $15 + shipping

-8x8 inch cradled wood panel $35 + shipping

👉Note 👈

These paintings will be head and shoulders only, NOT full body portraits.

❤️ Here’s how you can Customize your order🥳


-You can choose the animal and it’s color.

For example you can say “ I want a grey kitty with white markings. “


-You can submit a photo of your pet and I will match it as best as I can while staying in my cute cartoon illustrated style.


-Choose the background color,

Have a favorite color? Let me know and I’ll be sure to put it in the background!

🌟Be aware; to keep my aesthetic cohesive, I will choose a tone of your requested color that fits my brand.

-🍃Choose your greenery 🍃

I love adding a little branch of greenery at the bottom of my portraits 🌿

-You can pick a favorite plant, for example lavender or laurel.

-or just leave it up to me If you simply don’t care.

- choose the clothing

📝 NOTE: sine it is a bust portrait I just paint the top collar part of the clothing so don’t worry about anything below the collarbone.😋

Clothing options

⭐️Be sure to specify at checkout what specific clothes you want!⭐️

-Collar with ribbon bow

-Collar with a Button

-color with bow tie

-knit turtleneck sweater


-Striped shirt

-Other (be sure to tell me if you want something specific, just be sure keep it within the limits of the head and shoulders)


I often use the digital file of original painting to make prints, stickers, notebooks and other super fun and cute stuff!! So be sure and keep your eyes peeled for YOUR pet or animal on other products!! You could collect all the items with your pet on it!! How fun would that be!!

Have fun!

Thank you so much ☺️